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Bromza Browser

We have developed a unique free browser based on the Chrome, focused on media content and has lots of features that will allow you to enjoy its use. The browser is constantly evolving and new features are added, you can always contact us and write their wishes, which we can implement for you.

High speed. As a base for the pages display module has been used freely distributed WebKit module. There have also been introduced and other improvements, such as, for example, DNS pre-reading technology and the like, making it even faster (by the results of some tests increase amounted to 109%).

Built-in security. Initially, in order to reduce the risk of hacker attacks sandbox principle was selected through a browser vulnerability, when all processes that it activates in his work, isolated from the shared memory system. It also has built-in protection against phishing and malware with updated database, which makes it virtually invulnerable to common attacks. High reliability. Each module running in the browser, is isolated from the other units, which firstly allows the work to protect against failures in effect separate routines. Secondly, the influence of the faulty module prevents the stability of the whole system.

Support for different formats. The browser includes support for a large number of graphic and multimedia formats.


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Increased stability and moderate consumption of our memory resources Browser.

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Improved, compared with Chrome, point the protection of confidential data.

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Modern design

Our browser has a modern design and take into account all factors custom for your convenience.

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Quick access to websites

Easy access to the most popular sites in your area.

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View video and TV

Browser provides the ability to view most video formats and online tv.

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The browser-based Chrome

The browser-based Chrome, has all the advantages of this browser.

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